Unapologetically Me

I think I have been avoiding the real reason I initially started this blog recently. I mean, not entirely. It's designed as a means to process, find my voice, and learn to be vulnerable. Part of that involves digging in to the things I don't want to. I have been doing this on a somewhat cursory level by openly discussing my faith and my spirituality. Thus it documents where I am in the here and now. It also opens up an idea of who I am to the world, but at some point I should touch base with the "dirty" stuff.
I am trying to do this cautiously. With care. And with compassion. I have to be careful because if I move too quickly it comes with dire consequences. I think the first thing to clear up is that my past is ugly. It's confusing. It's lurid. It won't be fun to read. But in a world with over exposure and very little idea of shock that should go over just swimmingly.
As part of using my voice I will probably integrate creative writing and poetry as well, simply because that is sometimes the easiest way to translate difficult things. I am abrupt, callous, and often struggle with having a filter. I will most likely offend some if not most. Try not to take me too seriously. I really am the kindest human. But I will say the wrong things. I promise. This is my story. Take it for what it is. I've never told it before and now I'm going to try and do it publicly. Should be a good time (probably not lol).


16 thoughts on “Unapologetically Me”

  1. The past is just that…passed, gone, never to return but we can improve our present and that’s the best present we can give ourselves! We can change and flourish and it automatically has a knock-on effect on those around us. Keep writing…the sky’s the limit!


    1. Unfortunately I have never actually told my story to anyone and my past directly impacts my present. I’m doing work to move through trauma so that I can continue my journey to improve myself and my quality of life. Thanks for the encouragement! Sometimes I think it’s silly to keep going 🙂

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      1. I had a writing professor who said the same thing so I just listen to her voice in the back of my head whenever I start negative self talk. I think I use the negative self talk as a means to escape actually digging deeper. If I tell myself it’s dumb, then I don’t have to open up, right? 😉 So I am forcing myself to get out of that cycle and take away my excuses.


  2. I tried to post a comment but it didn’t send or so it seems. The past is gone, let it go…We can change our present and that’s the best present we can give ourselves! It also had a knock-on effect on those around us! Keep writing, the sky’s the limit!


      1. I share the same struggles. Most of my writing is deep and tortured almost. My happy and really creative stuff I struggle with because to show that, in my world, is vulnerability. So, embrace your voice. It’s good to just get it out sometimes. Way to go! I am excited to see some more stuff.


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