Good Earth

For years I have held and practiced a hybrid version of spirituality that consists of a mix of latent ill-informed Buddhism (currently- I plan on fixing this), underdeveloped earth magic, and Christianity. I was raised Christian and so my understanding of Christianity, it’s history, its doctrines, traditions, and practices are far more familiar to me. I was surrounded by loving elders and peers who taught me goodness, community, acceptance, and faith. So, naturally when I speak about my belief system I gravitate towards that label, simply because it is the easiest for me to explain, it is the most socially acceptable, and it is the one I most fully understand. It requires less effort, so to speak, when dealing with others (except in my current environment where I am surrounded by many people who are severely anti-organized religion. That’s another story, though).
When I was a child my mother used to call me a gypsy. I look Romani. Like a lot. I’m not. I’m just really dark Eastern European. I think because I have questions about my roots due to my adoption and the circumstances around my adoption, I also learned to study people. Initially I’m sure it was a survival skill. If you look at someone and study their behavior you can figure out their intent pretty quickly. I’m incredibly adept at this. I can watch someone and figure out behavior patterns and tell you things about that person within minutes with uncanny accuracy. Again, I’m pretty sure this is because I’ve been doing it my whole life. I needed to be able to read people so I could make sure I was safe. As I got older, though, this skill became a fascination. I fell in love with the idea of the stories behind people. Not just individuals, but where they came from. Where they came from lead to a study of the countries they originated from and the stories of those countries. Those stories consisted of politics, religion, how communities were built, how they thrived, how people lived, what people needed, even how the Earth came to be. I studied these things as a hobby on my free time as a child. Yeah…
Part of these studies made me realize how similar people really are and how so many people get stuck in one way of thinking. They get stuck believing only one way is right when really most belief systems and human needs are fundamentally the same. I saw the value in various philosophies and how they could be blended and how they were needed.
So, here we are today, as I am planning daily how to embark on my next journey. The next chapter of my life. I feel very strongly that it is not only a journey towards personal growth and happiness. It’s not just a step towards professional satisfaction, or to better my family, but it is also a form of ministry.
I am embarking on a long journey towards becoming a dairy farmer. It’s not going to happen overnight. It’s not going to happen in a year, but I’m so excited. I will be able to start working towards it and I will be able to start growing on a smaller scale. The earth magic in me is rising up at the thought of being able to put my hands in the dirt everyday and say thank you for providing. To say thank you to the animals we raise for providing. I’m excited to use my hands and see what I can do. To be able to be near the rivers and lakes and feel their power again. The Christian in me is grateful to be able to give of myself, because truly that is what ministry is, the gifts one is able to give from oneself to help others. The latent Buddhist is looking forward to peace and simplicity and the ability to find harmony in my space.


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