Surrender is messy business. It’s scary and beautiful all at once. About two weeks ago I decided that it was time to surrender, not in the “I give up, I’m done” way, but in the “Let’s see what the world has to offer, I’m done trying to control every detail of my fate” way. I have been saying prayers of surrender ever since. Asking for guidance and submitting to God’s will and better judgment. I’m living by the philosophy that if it’s meant to happen then it will come easily. That’s not to say that I won’t have to put in work or effort, but the way or the path towards what I’m supposed to do will come easily. So far that’s worked out beautifully.

The thing that’s scary about surrender is realizing that maybe what’s best or what’s right, or what’s even good isn’t always what I thought I wanted. Being stuck in old ways, old thought patterns or behaviors can sometimes be the thing that is literally rotting or killing us from our core…. but we don’t even realize it. We just plod along thinking that we want whatever we are doing currently because it happens to be the current mindset, or previous best course of action. What if, though, there is real happiness, or your true bliss lies in something you never even thought of? Or never would have been exposed to if you didn’t open your mind.

Liken this, if you will, to an incredible sexual encounter versus the controlled encounter. If you stay in your head the whole time and never surrender to the experience you will never know what it is to have that mind blowing climax.

Surrender isn’t just about religion, although in my case a lot of it has to do with surrendering to the guidance of my God. Surrender is about faith. Surrender is about having faith that there is a greater good in store and that life is and can be beautiful. We simply have to allow it to be. We have to keep our hearts and minds free and open and away from toxins. We have to remind ourselves that want isn’t always what we need, but if we follow need, what we want can happen.


3 thoughts on “Surrender”

    1. Essentially. I like to think I take it a step further and welcome as opposed to just accept the things I cannot change. It’s not my job to change anything except those things that are firmly within myself and within my locus of control. I can encourage external factors for sure, but I have to encourage and welcome others to find their own path or way and search for their bliss in their own way. I also have to believe that there can’t be a “wrong” or “right” way to do things but simply a harder or easier life lesson.

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      1. I think I understand what you mean.

        I define acceptance as learning how to live with the imperfect with the knowledge of the possibility of becoming more perfect. I cannot change other people, how they feel, who they love or any of the choices they make.

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