The Beginning of a Thing

So here’s the deal… As I embark on this journey to tell my story and eventually write a book about the story that has never actually been told in it’s entirety from my perspective, I’m going to write the small bits and pieces that I come across along the way. The discoveries, the revelations, the struggles…. ALL THE DAMN THINGS. My therapist says I’m affable… which I think is laughable. I totally did that on purpose by the way. While I was driving home for 40 minutes I made a rhyme. I do stupid shit like that so get used to it.

Anyway, the therapist says that I can maybe offer some insight since I have several helpful experiences that are relate-able. Foster kid, adopted, bipolar, mother, and struggling so HARD. I’m not sure anyone will actually read or take the time, but maybe that’s just my own self doubt, or my own negative self talk beating me up before I even try (I’m really phenomenal at that by the way). Or maybe I really, really suck at being vulnerable… okay not maybe. I really suck at being vulnerable, so writing and exposing myself, and finding out that no one actually wants to hear/read what I have to say… making that a reality… well, that is also entirely a thing for me. A good friend of mine asked me why I don’t just start writing. That, my friends is probably┬áTHE reason why. So here we go! I’m writing. Let’s do a┬áthing.


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